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A music project empowering youth to recognise, confront and work through issues that they encounter throughout their teen years especially.

The  BREAK THE MOULD Tour impacted intermediate and secondary schools in NZ for ten years from 2010.

HOLLY CHRISTINA a NZ singer-songwriter presented the programme with her guitar,

sharing the reality of youth experiences and offering hope and strategies for positive outcomes.

She sang from the heart for a powerful half-hour assembly or lunchtime slot at schools.

In 2013, HOLLY CHRISTINA released the BREAK THE MOULD album to back up the youth project.  

Sunday Star Times Break the Mould album review

A selection of song lyrics from the anthemic ballads, pin-dropping acoustic, and clap-rap music of Holly Christina :

   it's a new day with a clean's never too's your chance now for a Fresh Start

it's all about maintaining a dedication to upholding your own're never too old to Break the Mould

and when you take a road it can be difficult to find your way back...when you make a choice you have got to live with's all about The Choice

kids today are viewing things that even adults shouldn't there anything that we can do?...Trillion Thoughts

V is something beautiful - W worth the wait - LO E, oh where is The Missing V?

I haven't got the slightest clue what I'm going to do...we are balancing on the tightrope of the Undecided Life Club

why do people only seem to judge on the outside?  what about the inside?  Image is everything?

this Rough Patch soon will pass...shatter like broken glass

it's easy to fall and then choose to give up...but at the End of the Tunnel there will always be light

With thanks to The Adastra Foundation for its 2013/14 support of this vision for the young people of NZ.

To all the principals, teachers, guidance counsellors and other staff who have invited me into their schools to bring the positive BTM message to their students - thanks so much for taking the opportunity to offer young people this life-affirming programme.

Holly Christina


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